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Semilac pressed powder Wizard's Touch Pink Glow 02


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Semilac Wizard’s Touch Pink Glow is a brightening gold beautifying powder that will give your skin luminosity in a satin, slightly gold finish. The powder gently reflects light, optically smoothing the skin and leaving it full of glow. It blends perfectly with your complexion, giving the face a very natural glow effect.

The light, delicate and odourless formula with vitamin E and jojoba oil will be great in autumn when the skin becomes a dull and lacking radiance. Just a small amount of our brightening powder is enough to give your face a fresh, radiant look, adding a three-dimensional effect to your make-up.

Illuminating powder - what is it?

Perhaps you have never heard of it, and not sure what brightening powder is? We have the answer! Semilac illuminating beautifying powder is a cosmetic that will give your skin a healthy glow in an unusually natural setting. The brightening powder is not a classic highlighter that shimmers with a thousand particles. Instead, it has a slightly satin finish that gives the skin radiance. It also makes the face optically smooth and radiant. Sound too good to be true? It really is possible! You just need to find out where you should apply the brightening powder so that it works best for your face. Find out how in the following section.

Where to apply the powder?

You want gold beautifying powder to lighten up your face - but where should you apply the brightening powder? The answer is very simple. Apply the powder to the areas of the face that you want to brighten. Cheekbones, cupid's bow or the tip of the nose are the main areas that naturally receive light, and which look good highlighted!

You can also apply Semilac gold powder on the eyelid, combining it with eye shadows. Sounds great, right? After such information, you have certainly been asking more questions. When and how to apply the brightening powder? Who should use brightening powder? We will dispel all your doubts in further passages.

How to apply brightening powder?

The application of the powder will not be difficult at all if you have the right brush in your hand. What brush will be the best for applying beauty powder? At Semilac, we focus on 473 Semilac a small makeup brush. You can use this to apply powder on your face, what about your eyelids? To use eye makeup powder, you should choose 478 Semilac, a small precision flat brush. Equipped with the best brushes - you can get started! How to apply powder? It is important that you do this using gentle and circular movements. Also, remember to brush away any excess cosmetics from the brush. This small detail will help you avoid excess product on your face. Simple right?

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